Stimulates the cardiovascular system It is not a solution for all cardiovascular problems, but the Department of Agriculture has demonstrated that copper can improve cardiovascular health. And while copper may not replace a healthy lifestyle, extra copper can open blood vessels and reduce plaque, preventing blockages.

Management of the spleen and liver Although this data is not scientifically confirmed, copper supports the functions of the spleen and liver. In this regard, it should be noted that the Vedic people have used it since ancient times claiming that it is healthy for the lymphatic system, spleen and liver. Healthy skin Melanin which is beneficial for your skin

In this respect, it is well known that thyroid disorders such as hyper- or hypothyroidism are often linked to a copper deficiency in the body. Controlled copper consumption can help the body balance thyroid function.

When choosing dishes, some people prefer clean lines and minimalist pastel colors, and others opt for bright colors and different patterns. There is another criterion for choosing your dishes that is, in fact, related to your health than your taste. 

Even if too much copper can harm your body, you can still enjoy its benefits, by embracing the old Vedic practice of drinking from copper cups, but no more than 4 times a week. How does copper affect our health? Buy yourself a cup of copper, and discover how you can enjoy its benefits for your health!

Strengthens hair and it improves the production of melanin which is a fundamental element for healthy hair. It can help restore the health of thinning hair. In addition, copper can accelerate hair growth after chemotherapy treatment because it expands follicles and reduces the time it takes for hair to grow.

In this case, you can accelerate your brain by adding copper to your body. The scientific community does not agree, many practitioners say that copper can help your painful and swollen joints.

Helps the digestive system Eating small amounts of copper can help your digestion because it can stimulate the digestive muscle contraction that moves waste through your intestines. It can also kill harmful bacteria that can cause stomach upset. You must limit copper consumption to avoid the destruction of “good” intestinal bacteria.

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