Blue-White Cotton Rope Woven Baby Laundry Basket for Blankets Toys Storage with Handle - D 21" x H 14" XL


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    "Eximius Power" Woven Cotton Rope Basket is soft and firm. It has no collision scratches which is great in storing baby clothes and toys. It can hold toys, laundry, books, art and craft supplies, and throw pillows. Apart from storing and organizing stuff, this basket also works as an irresistible room eye-pleaser.

    The Only Storage Solution You Need – Practical and Eye-Catching

    Our rope cotton basket is soft, sturdy, and will stand up firmly. It’s a durable storage and an eye-catching decoration in one amazing set. Our product comes in a wide range of colors for you to choose from. Try out dazzling white gray or gray single tone aside from white and blue. You may check out our 2-tone designs in gray, burgundy, and navy blue to match your room’s atmosphere, giving it a fantastic formal flair. If you prefer for a color that goes well with all the other colors and your home’s design, then try out gray and off white. They might look simple but they make your room perfect to the eyes.

    Unique Home Décor Addition in Your Home
    Style and functionality all in one. That is what our product is all about. It works as a storage and a decoration all at the same time. Pretty neat, huh?

    Our basket is extraordinary with the materials being woven intricately by our artisans’ gifted hands. It can be used not only to put baby laundry or toys in, but also to store and organize diapers, throw pillows, books, and blankets. It is perfect for matching your dearest home’s color scheme. Its design is suitable to use in:

    Nursery – Keeps your little angel’s clean diapers, toys, and linens organized.
    Kids Room – Organizes toys and stores dirty clothes.
    Living Room – Prepares your warm blanket before watching TV with the family and organizes your kids’ toys so they aren’t all messed up on the floor.
    Bathroom – Holds clean towels or stores dirty clothes.
    Bedroom – Gives a home to your throw pillows and blankets.
    Office – Organizes books or simply creates a unique and stylish impression.

    Practical Storage Solution to Every Room
    If those piles of dirty laundry scattered on the floor make you grumpy, then try using our rope basket. It doesn’t just organize your home’s mess but it also functions as a glamorous decoration. It comes in different variations:

    Extra Large: 21” x 14”

    Best Quality Handmade Rope Basket with a Unique Feel
    It’s chic, elegant, and more than that, it’s unique. Clear up your home’s mess in an instant with this rope basket and amaze your visitors with how it compliments your home. Perfect for all colors.

    Unique and Fashionable
    Looking for a pretty cotton rope storage basket is so easy. There are tons of these items worldwide, each providing the best quality and features. But of course, our product is not left behind. What we have here is not only a prime gem, but is classy as well. This dashing cotton rope basket looks spectacular inside your home. This is a wholesome decorative piece that can catch everyone’s eyes.

    Made of Premium Quality Materials
    We do not only provide this rope basket of great artistry, but we also assure you that it is made of 100% cotton and authentic leather. Quality is important to us. Our basket is free from toxins, harsh chemicals, and hazardous impurities. We maintain style, uniqueness, authenticity, and safety for our customers’ satisfaction.