Hanging Locker Fabric Closed Back Cupboard Organizer 3 Shelves Sturdy & Compact Storage Space for School Gym and Closets Multiple Purposes


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    An Instant and Functional Storage Space for Everyday Use

    Organizing things is a bit tough, but that can be made easier through using Eximius Power Hanging Closet Organizer. It’s the finest match for every room in your house or your children’s school lockers. So, start revitalizing your home right now and try out this hanging corner shelf. It’s now easy to say hello to mess with this hanging storage shelves that can provide you comfort and bliss.

    The Best Solution to Declutter Cramped Closets

    Having this portable hanging closet lets you save a lot of space. It’s perfect for gyms, schools, work, and home closet storage. It can hold books, folders, and notebooks, but still has enough space for shoes, jackets, and sports equipment. An amazing hanging organizer with a fantastic power to declutter messy closets.

    This hanging locker organizer is perfect for your child’s school locker. It helps students easily organize things in an instant.

    No more bending down to get your falling books.
    No more papers and books scattered on your locker’s floor.
    our things inside the locker are all tidy and organized!

    Why You Should Choose Eximius Power Hanging Storage Organizer Over Others?

    Shields Things from Falling
    Our hanging file organizer’s back is completely covered with heavy-duty fabric to protect or stop your things from falling out. This is a unique feature where competitors don’t have. It also has extra storage pockets on the side to store small things such as pens, markers, and sunglasses.

    This wall hanging storage doesn’t only give protection to your things, but dependability as well. Hang the hooks on different levels and you’re good to go. This is because of the storage’s multiple hanger positions.

    Use in Every Way You Want
    This hanging storage can easily be adjusted for different configurations. It can be hanged inside the locker from a shelf with its two side hooks, side and top center hook, or a rod. It fits lockers of any width. Because it is 6” wide, it can easily fit even on narrow lockers. These hanging closet shelves are also perfect for standard 12” wider lockers to fit in coats, sports gears, and backpacks. If you wish to shorten the length, you just have to modify it from 38” to 20” by adjusting the position of hangers. You can also do it by altering the bottom shelf.

    Durability at Its Best
    Quality construction is essential in our hanging accessory organizer. Steel hangers, sturdy fabric, and stable shelf inserts so you can use it for a long time. This hanging fabric storage is made from high-quality 600D polyester. It’s a durable, thick, and heavy-duty material that can last for years.

    All-In-One Simplicity and Reliability Added to Your Space
    It’s now super simple to organize things with the help of this hanging file organizer. Because it is crafted from premium quality materials, go up to years of use, thus, helping you save money.

    Check out this hanging shelving unit’s wonders as it reduces storage space effectively. Everyone can use this amazing closet hanging rack. It’s perfect for you, your kids’, and your friends’ lockers.