Natural Wood Magnetic Lid & Mini Grinder Premium Quality Portable Stash Box with Metal Rod and Cleaning Tool, Special Design for Travel


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    ✅ The Portability You Need: This one here is a good companion you can have for both home and travel. Get outdoors and bring it with you. It’s super easy to carry because it fits inside your pocket, making it a discreet, sleek, small box.
    ✅ It’s Made to Last: Our stash box is made to last for a pretty long time. It’s made with the hands of exquisite creators to give you the smoke container you need. It comes with a strong magnetic force to hold everything inside without falling out. It’s beautiful, smooth, and premium. It’s the perfect storage that answers convenience.
    ✅ Easy Storage: Slip this beautiful stash box inside your pocket and be discreet. No one will find out what you have there. It can be carried in your backpack as well. Totally hassle-free! If you need small storage for your goods that doesn’t cause pollution, then our box is the answer.
    ✅ No More Spills: Your everyday smoking ventures will now leave you worry-free as our stash box is leak-proof. It comes with hidden safes that are tightly closed and are adjustable with the metal screw’s lid. Say goodbye to accidental spills in your pocket, say hello to a brightened, new day!
    ✅ Complete Set: Our package comes with everything you need to have inside it. The set comes with a stash container, a metal rod, and a cleaning brush tool.