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Finest 304 Stainless Steel 25oz Cocktail Shaker | 3pc Bar Tool Accessories - Bartender Martini Drink Mixer Jigger Mixing Spoon & Recipe Book


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    ✅PREMIUM QUALITY SET - We use ultra-durable Pro-Eximius Power 304 18/8 Stainless Steel. That's awesome because all the components in your bar set will last a really long time and won't rust or break. Features 3 liquor and cocktail components including 750 ml Cocktail Shaker, one oz and one half oz Double Jigger, mixing spoon. Everything you need without taking up tons of space.
    ✅AMAZING VALUE BARWARE - Save money by purchasing our 3 piece essentials starter kit. It's easier and cheaper to buy the components and utensils as a bundle rather than getting them one at a time from various vendors. The complete kit is designed to give you everything you need without adding tons of useless extras or items that take up space and create waste. Great for professionals and amateurs alike.
    ✅BONUS RECIPE BOOK - Have fun learning how to make all sorts of cocktails and mixed drinks with your new shaker essentials set. From an old fashioned to a margarita, mojitos, martinis, daiquiri, Long Island Iced tea... you'll love experimenting and trying out new recipes with our convenient and easy to follow free drink recipes book. Mix like a pro fast with no prior bartending experience necessary.
    ✅THE PERFECT GIFT - Our premium quality set is great for any mixologist, bartender or anyone who enjoys entertaining guests with great drinks. It makes a great gift for weddings, house warming, graduation, bachelor & bachelorette parties or birthdays. Give a functional gift that looks good and won't break, rust or dent after just a few uses.

    Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set
    Eximius Power Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set is now available with MATTE FINISHED METALLIC RED or RAINBOW SHAKER - Very unique design when compared with other cocktail shakers available in the market and highly versatile too. Including ice tongs, bottle opener, strainer and even jigger spirit measure and wine/bottle opener, you can’t find a more generous cocktail shaker set.

    Why you’ll love this cocktail maker bar set:

    Original design with extraordinary attention to detail
    Makes your Home or Bar table more luxurious, attractive and lively with this product.
    Matte finished Metallic Red Shaker - makes this product unique color.
    Made of 100% 304 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel and resistant to corrosion, allowing your Bar Tool Kit to be usable for a long time to come.
    Perfectly packed - All the pieces in the gift box are bubble wrapped which includes a separate box for the Shaker.
    The ultimate cocktail kit

    With its universality and useful premium bar accessories, your bar will surely use the set as margarita set, martini shaker & cocktail maker. See why our buyers are already labeling it as a “must-have” bar accessory and barware.

    The set is sure to help anyone make incredible cocktails, margaritas and tasty-fresh drinks with something that is compact works great and looks astounding.

    This Premium Bar Set includes:

    1 x 750 ml Cocktail Shaker
    1 oz and 1 and half oz Jigger
    Mixing Spoon
    Bonus Recipe Book

    One look and a touch of any of the accessories in the bar and you’ll realize how premium the cocktail bar tool set truly is. The matte finish of the cocktail bar looks so exquisitely elegant - you’ll feel like you are a part of a James Bond movie.

    Each tool is a story for itself. Crafted with exceptional attention to detail, using each of the barware to prepare a cocktail will give you feeling like you are making something special. Very handy, practical, yet so amazingly beautiful.

    We’ve been called “a must-have for every bar” and “excellent professional cocktail maker set” and for a reason. The mixing variety in this Professional Cocktail Shaker Home Bar Tools Set of 7 is at the highest level. Here are the tools and some of the uses that anyone can highly benefit from.

    JIGGER: Double jigger comes with 20 ml and 40 ml capacity which provides you variations in mixing the drinks.
    SHAKER: 750 ml shaker capacity provides you for mixing up to six drinks in a single shake.
    MIXING Spoon: A mixing spoon with rotating swirl handle helps to mix the drink in perfect ratios.

    304 18/8 Stainless Steel Grade
    Yes, the set looks impressive, but the fact that each of the tools is beautifully designed is not the only amazing thing about this set. Each bar accessory is made of highest quality 304 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel that will assure long-term usage.

    With its sleek design and high-quality stainless steel and corrosion resistant structure, you can tell that you’ll get your money’s worth when you purchase our stainless steel Bar Tool Set. Use it for the years to come without any damage or tools wearing off.

    Easy to clean and maintain
    When you are done with your party and making amazing cocktails with the cocktail shaker, put all of the bar tools in the dishwasher & enjoy. The bar kit is dishwasher safe - you can safely wash it in any dishwasher.

    Best of all with a stainless steel Cocktail Shaker Set, you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals seeping into your healthy drink. You can do a quick rinse in a normal water to avoid any leftover drink in the shaker.

    Use and easily clean the cocktail set in minutes – no stains or damages – assured long-term usage.

    Functional Design
    Eximius Power Cocktail shaker set has 750 ml optimal shaker which is a perfect fit for every occasion and not oversized, easy to hold and shake. The optimal size can make drinks for your friends or family in one cocktail or drink making process. Use it as Boston shaker, martini shaker or margarita shaker, and always have amazing results!

    It’s easy to conclude that this complete bar set and accessories are perfect for entertaining and drinking needs. Not only that, the stand turns the kit into a functional and sleek decoration. Smart & beautifully functional.

    Sleek gift idea
    A must-have for the home bar. As the stunning design is versatile for both for the ones who frequently make cocktails and for the ones that want contemporary décor – this is an excellent gift for modern families, barmen or cocktail maker enthusiasts who love to enjoy refreshing cocktails.

    Our premium and professional packaging make the Bar tool set a unique and perfect gift for bachelor, wedding, birthday, housewarming or host gift and amazing bar set tool for beginners to experts.