Why Moscow Mule Copper Cups..???

The Rustic Russian Taste in Moscow Mule

Sipping a cocktail with a friend on Saturday night, or having it alone is always a good idea and Moscow Mule is currently in; for those who aren’t in the up and up, it’s a drink made of vodka, spicy ginger beer, and lime juice, garnished with a slice or wedge of lime served in a copper mug. Yes, you heard right, it’s served in copper mugs—though some experts argue that copper mugs can jeopardize your health. Be that as it may, the unpleasant issues do not seem to trouble Moscow Mule lovers that much, and apparently, Moscow Mule remains a favorite beverage in the US to chill and drink since the 1940s.

The Moscow Mule is believed to have originated in the USA in the 1940s. Vodka wasn't a popular kind of alcohol in America and it was generally regarded with a playful contempt due to its Russian roots. John G. Martin, an alcohol seller, took a bold, leap-of-faith initiative and bought a vodka brand in the States only to fail at marketing it. He came to a conclusion: no one was even remotely interested in drinking vodka. One day, while Martine was loitering around pondering about his inability to sell the drink, he went up to a bartender at the L.A. bar Cock 'n' Bull and talked to its owner, a man named Jack Morgan, who faced a similar problem of not being able to sell even a single ginger beer. Morgan was somewhat in the same boat as Martin.

Considering they were all about to lose out on money and time, they ultimately decided to partner up, mix the two drinks, and serve them in a copper mug. They marketed the drink and it actually took off really well. Ever since its early discovery in circa 1941, Moscow mule has been an American favorite, especially for the people of Hollywood.  It’s since been associated with sophistication, glamour, and the good life. Add to that its now-vintage appeal and it becomes clear: someone drinking from a copper mug instead of a standard highball or martini glass instantly looks ten times cooler than anyone else in the room.

Apparently, painting yourself cooler than the rest of the crowd is not the only advantages the Moscow Mule is capable of. Moscow Mule has several other benefits that range from getting the rustic experience to health benefits from each of the ingredients and even the copper mugs themselves. Each ingredient of Moscow Mule has health benefits. For starters, the lime gives vitamin C which is good for immune system and contains antioxidants, ginger with its antibiotic properties that can prevent you from sickness, cucumber which helps to maintain your youth with its silica compounds. The other fruits added to the concoction such as berries can help boost your immune system. In addition, the copper mugs in which Moscow Mule is traditionally served have more to offer. Copper creates a warm, homey feeling that invites you in and immediately fills you with ease, like a crackling fire in a brick fireplace. Moreover, chilled drinks like cocktails in copper cups offer an extra-cool sensation, due to the metal quickly taking on the icy temperature of the cocktail.

All in all, copper mugs are hands down the best choice for mixing up the best Moscow Mule recipe—in fact, many other cocktails would probably benefit from this sleek and stunning mug. So no matter which reason is most important to you when it comes to enjoying an alcoholic beverage, whether it be temperature, taste, or experience, you will no doubt enjoy the sip from an ice-cold Moscow Mules served in a beautiful copper mug.

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