Why Cocktail Shaker Set?

Do you love enjoying alcoholic beverages on occasions? If so, ever heard about cocktail shaker? Nah, who’re we kidding? If you fashion yourself as a connoisseur of liquor, certainly you must’ve heard of it. However, are you familiar with what types of shaker are there and how to use each one of them? Rather than just simply enjoy the mixed alcoholic beverage from the shaker, perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to also know about its types, function, and a little history behind it as well. We’re sure the knowledge will come in handy the next time you’re interested in mixing your own favorite beverages should you are unable to go to your usual bar. Basically, a shaker is what bartender use to serve cooler beverages. Interestingly, this bar accessory is not only used by bartender nowadays but also by all people, meaning that the trade behind it is not limited only to the bartenders.

The first ever known usage of cocktail shaker dates back in 7000 BC in the area of South America and Mexico—the shape of which is apparently not as we know today. The shape resembles a simple jar alongside its cover used as a closed container. Then, in 1520, a man named Cortes wrote a letter to King Charles V, wherein he described that there was a drink made from cacao served to Montezuma with much foaming and frothy from a golden cylinder. Meanwhile, the shaker’s historic trace could also be found in Egyptians circa 3500 BC. During that time, the shaker was a particular container in which they added spices to the fermented grain before it was served to make it more delicious. Fast forward to 1951, and before you know it, cocktail shaker was used prevalently in the bar by military armies during and after the great war, and thus the era of cocktail began.

There are three common types of cocktail shaker that are available. Here are the details:

The first one is commonly known as Boston Shaker. It’s a two-piece shaker consists of 28 imp fl oz, and/or 800 ml metal bottom and traditionally can hold 16 imp fl oz or 450 ml glass and/or plastic mixing glass. It is generally used for shaking or stirring. The second one is named Cobbler Shaker. It is a three-piece cocktail shaker equipped with tapers at the top and ends with a built-in strainer and includes a cap. The cap is purposed as a cup to measure the liquid. The third one is dubbed French Shaker. It is a two-piece shaker consist of a metal bottom and also metal cap.

With that said, it’s entirely up to you to decide which one to use. It depends on your personal preference on your way of using a cocktail shaker. You can choose one of the shakers above, or probably you can have all of the items to be able to enjoy all the benefits. Here’s an alternative: if you want to make, say, a margarita—which is a cocktail consisting of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice—you can make it instead with a margarita/martini mixer that comes in form of 7-Piece Cocktail Shaker Bar Set. You can whip up a cocktail that has the perfect combination of fruity, juicy, and cool taste burst by using the set. This set is jampacked with all the essentials and comes with the following: 550 ml cocktail shaker, 20/40 ml double jigger, ice tongs, bottle opener, strainer, corkscrew/wine bottle opener, and storage rack. The set is perfectly suitable for regular enthusiasts or professional bartenders alike. Don’t forget, aside from the tools, you also need to pay close attention to your skill as well, for different duration and style of shaking will affect the end result of your cocktail. So, it’s recommended to keep on practicing and learn to shake from the expert any way you can.

The set is more than just a simple shaker because it is a combination of style, skill, and science. If you can make use of it well, you will soon be able to skillfully produce the perfect cocktail that matches the one made by a bar’s bartender.

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